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In an age of gunslingers and forgotten towns, the Army of the Light rules with a searing, bright fist. Sep didn’t choose to be a shader, to move unseen through the shadows, but when they came for him, he fought back. Now on the run, he befriends a family of mercenaries and uncovers a legend of fatal angels that just might hold the key to who he is and how to save his sister. If he’s going to survive, he’ll have to choose whether to run, to fight, or to give in to the growing darkness inside.

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An unexpectedly compassionate and thought-provoking tale, filled with well-crafted symbolism and timeless themes reflected in unusual ways, this unique and compelling read is wildly original.

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That Blinding Darkness



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John-Mark Kruger believes a story, like a good meal, should be consumed as quickly and delightfully as possible. That Blinding Darkness is his “bestselling” (praying hands emoji) debut novel.

When he’s not dreaming of being a cowboy superhero, John-Mark works as a solutions manager with his degree in Mechanical Engineering. He loves to travel the world with his wife and experience the tastes and passions of brand-new cultures. He is tall for no reason and lives in Dubai.

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