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My works

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Blinding Darkness Front Cover.jpg
That Blinding Darkness

When the army of the light came for him, Sep Abner lost control. He had used the darkness before, slipping in and out of the shadows, but never to kill. Fleeing across the Empty Quarter, he stumbles across a family of mercenaries with a troubled past.  They teach him how to shoot, how to see things through the darkness that no one else can see, but the light is relentless and all consuming. Sep sets out to uncover the truth about the legend of the seven angels, gunslingers with the power to defeat armies. When they come after him again, beams of light blasting from their palms, he must choose whether to run, to fight, or to give in.

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As the snow melts away in her little town, Courage sets out to find a legendary treasure. Along the way she meets a new friend and comes face to face with the terrifying Matadow. Join Courage as she stands up to her fears and learns what it truly means to be courageous.

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The Lighthouse of Ori-Ten

This may not come as a surprise to you - I certainly hope it does not - but Ori-Ten is dying. A fierce winter has ravaged our lush planet, but not all is lost. Soon the Voyagers will arrive to take us to our new home for our destiny is in the stars. Ori-Ten is a short science fiction story about a Queen who risks everything to save her people. Filled with powerful aliens, fresh planets, and moth like beings who sail the interstellar skies.

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